Monday, January 17

A bag of drugs hidden in a cereal box: the AMAZING discovery of a British mother

(c) Haisam Nacir on Facebook

It’s a breakfast that 25-year-old mother Haisam Nassir will not soon forget. This British mother of 4 was pouring cereal into her children’s bowls when she felt the half-empty box of Golden Morn was still unusually “heavy”. What was his surprise to discover at the bottom of the box a bag full of mysterious white crystals identified after a search on Google, as “Crystal Meth”, a hugely addictive designer drug known as methamphetamine.

Ms Nassir, from Dagenham, County Essex, took the bag in question to her local police station, where officers later confirmed her worst fears.

She also rushed her 4 children to hospital, fearing that they might have unwittingly used some of the drugs. However, a doctor confirmed that they did not actually consume it.

The stay-at-home mom said: “It was so horrible, I was really shocked. It was huge. This bag took up almost half of the box. I was really scared. There were 450g. “

A spokesperson for Nestlé, contacted by journalists from the Daily Mail, agreed to speak on the matter: “This matter was investigated six months ago by Nestlé and the police. It was concluded that the item had been inserted into the packaging at some point after the product left Nestlé in Nigeria.”

“This is not a product that we manufacture or distribute in the UK, but we appreciate how concerning this must have been for Haisam and have worked closely with her to resolve the issue since she contacted us. . “

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