Wednesday, January 26

A record seizure of seven tonnes of laughing gas in Seine-et-Marne

Never had such a quantity of nitrous oxide been seized in France. This Monday, January 3, the police announced on Twitter that they had discovered, in December, seven tonnes of this laughing gas in a hangar in Noisiel, in Seine-et-Marne. The market value is estimated at 2.7 million euros.

This product, legally sold in the form of cartridges for whipped cream siphons or in the medical environment for anesthetic purposes, is also used by some for recreational purposes, for its euphoric effects. Since the 1is June 2021, a law prohibits “the sale and distribution” of this chemical compound of formula N2O “in order to obtain psychoactive effects”, under penalty of a fine of 3,750 euros.

This record seizure was made possible thanks to an investigation opened last September by the Lyon prosecutor’s office, for concealed work in an organized gang, street sales and sale or distribution of a product specifically intended to facilitate the extraction of nitrous oxide. to obtain the psychoactive effects.

Entrusted to the departmental security of the Rhône, the investigations initially led to the arrest of several people and the seizure of four tonnes of N2O in Villeurbanne, near Lyon. The investigators subsequently succeeded in putting together a “national resale network”, identifying this storage location in Seine-et-Marne. Their work also led to the arrest of the head of the network on December 9 at Le Bourget.

The consumption of nitrous oxide, which has become popular in recent years, is not without its risks. It can lead to suffocation, unconsciousness or burns.

According to the Interministerial Mission for the Fight against Drugs and Addictive Behaviors, this product can even cause severe neurological, haematological, psychiatric and cardiac disorders in the event of repeated use and / or at high doses. Indeed, some do not hesitate to multiply the catches, absorbing dozens of small capsules in a single evening.

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