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Anne Lindboe about the departure: – Less dramatic than it looks

On Monday, the news came of Anne Lindboe’s unexpected and immediate resignation as managing director of the Private Kindergarten Association. She has been thinking about the decision for several months.

RETURNS: Anne Lindboe resigned on Monday as PBL director. Now she wants to do something else.

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– It is much less dramatic than it seems. This is something I have pondered over time. I have simply come to the conclusion that I want to return to my roots, says Lindboe, who has a background as a pediatrician and pediatric ombudsman.

On Monday, Lindboe informed the employees of the association at a general meeting that she resigns with immediate effect. In a press release, she said that the time had come to seek new challenges. To VG, she elaborates on what she means by that.

She says it has been four fantastic years, but that she now wants to move away from the commercial and work with something that benefits others.

– I want to take more social responsibility and mean a difference to people, she says.

– I have now worked with something relatively commercial, but feel a strong need to work for profit maximization for society.

Will do something else

Lindboe says that the process for her has been going on for a few months, but that the decision was made in December after she had had a dialogue with the board for a while. The management team was also informed before Christmas. Still, she left on Monday.

– Now I want to do something different with my life. I understand that it can look dramatic, but no one benefits from a top manager who is on his way out staying. That is why it happened like this, but it has been in consultation with the board and the management team.

– Have you gotten a new job?

– No I have not. It’s pretty exciting, but also scary of course, I have to admit. But if I had to wait for it, it could quickly take a long time.

BACK TO THE ROOTS: Anne Lindboe says she wants to go back to her roots. She has previously been a pediatric ombudsman and also has a background as a pediatrician.

No conflicts

Chairman of the board Eirik Husby has stated that this is a decision that Lindboe himself has made and that there are no disagreements on the basis of the decision.

Lindboe is also aware that there are no conflicts or disagreements behind the sudden departure.

– I have a good relationship with the board and good colleagues. It would have been easy to stay, but sometimes you just have to throw yourself into it and force yourself to set a new course.

– Chairman of the board Eirik Husby says that there are no disagreements underlying the departure. Can you confirm that?

– Yes, I can confirm that. I have a very good relationship with the board and the management team. And I have the world’s most amazing workplace.

– The business community has been consulted and prioritized

Now new challenges await Lindboe, even though she does not yet know what will happen.

– I want to work with some non-profit organization or foundation that will make society better for everyone. It does not necessarily have to be just children and young people, but I will always take that perspective with me, she says.

Throughout the corona era, she has worked towards non-profit organizations that work for vulnerable children and young people.

– And then I feel that it jerks in the foot.

Lindboe says that through her work as a top manager in the private sector, she has gained enormous respect for many of the entrepreneurs she has become acquainted with. But she will now work for those who have not been heard in the corona era.

– We see again that it is children and young people and those with other challenges who lose. When we talk about the reconstruction of society, it is the business community that is heard and prioritized. I want to help be a voice for everyone, and especially those who have not necessarily been given priority.

Lindboe: PBL will do well

Lindboe was the children’s ombudsman from 2012 to 2018. As PBL director, she has participated in several public debates about kindergartens. In November, she fronted a controversial protest action.

Then the PBL would close over 2000 private kindergartens earlier in the day than usual in protest against the government’s budget cuts.

– The government will remove up to NOK 400 million from private kindergartens next year. It happens while we have a situation where one in three kindergartens already operates in the red, Lindboe told NRK in November.

She is sure that the National Association of Private Kindergartens will do well without her.

– What I have been most proud of is that I have an incredibly well-functioning management team. If a stone had fallen on my head, it would have been … life goes on. And it will do so now as well, Lindboe concludes.


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