Tuesday, January 18

Antivax and resuscitation: Valérie Damidot protests against Estelle Denis, who answers her

Ulcerated by the debate of the day of the program Estelle Midi, “Should we resuscitate the unvaccinated?”, Valérie Damidot did not hesitate to directly challenge the host via her Twitter account.

In her program of Monday, September 3, Estelle Denis had decided to mention on RMC the very controversial column of Dr. André Grimaldi, professor at the CHU Pitié-Salpêtrière, published in Sunday Newspaper under the title: Should the unvaccinated also assume their free choice not to be resuscitated? A subject of debate that did not please Valérie Damidot at all. “Seriously ??????”, she was indignant on Twitter.

What Raymond Domenech’s companion replied to him by sending a screenshot of the famous platform. “There is no debate to be had. To ask the question, there’s something called the Hippocratic Oath… ”Valérie Damidot retorted immediately. Which has received the support of many Internet users. Faced with the emerging controversy, Estelle Denis then wanted to clarify her point of view, recalling “the principle of debate”.

“We invited him to Estelle Midi and it seems interesting to me to hear his point of view, while bringing contradiction to precisely what you say about the Hippocratic oath,” she wrote. We do not know if this will have succeeded in convincing Valérie Damidot.


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