Wednesday, January 26

Celine Dion: why is she afraid of alcohol?

Celine Dion does not need to plan a “Dry January” since she never consumes alcohol due to the abuse in her family.

In an interview with Quebec television in 2017, the 53-year-old singer spoke of her past traumas about alcoholism which hit her father’s family hard.

“I’ve always been very scared of that. (…) We come from a large family and genes circulate, propagate. I have seen things, we have experienced things, whether in family or in industry … I was always afraid to take part in this game (…) Because my father came from ‘an alcoholic and abusive family, it was my mother who saved him. We were very protected. My mother is a saint, ”she confided at the time.

And it’s not just alcohol that Celine Dion has dreaded for years. The interpreter of My Heart Will Go On has also learned to be wary of showbusiness and any kind of abuse that can occur there. Especially with drugs.

“They all got into drugs like that (because of the social events, editor’s note) I’m so scared. I’m scared of show business. I’m afraid of drugs. I’m afraid to let myself go, ”continued the mother of twins Nelson and Eddy, 11, and René-Charles, 20. The latter was also seen recently on social networks posing with a bottle in his hand in a casino. No doubt his mother will keep a close eye on this.

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