Saturday, January 22

Coronavirus: the government strengthens aid to businesses

If France is not reconfined, some companies are still suffering cruelly from the epidemic resumption of recent weeks. While the Omicron wave threatens the French economy, the government has decided to expand certain aid for companies in difficulty.

The Minister of the Economy Bruno Le Maire announced these new measures on Monday, after a meeting in Bercy with employers’ organizations and representatives of the tourism, hotel and catering sector.

The widening of the conditions of the partial activity scheme reimbursed at 100% without out-of-pocket expenses has been decided by the government. Companies “which will have lost 65% of their turnover” will now be able to claim it, against 80% so far. In addition, all companies that are subject to health restrictions will be able to apply. “For example, a bar that can no longer serve its customers standing, and a fortiori nightclubs,” said Bruno Le Maire, reports Le Figaro.

exemptions from charges and loans guaranteed by the state under discussion

The second business support measure announced on Monday is the evolution of the “fixed costs” support system, until now reserved for a limited number of event companies. It will now be extended to all tourism companies: “the famous sector S1 and S1 bis, there are hotels, bars, restaurants, travel agencies, all activities in the field of tourism. », Insisted Mr. Le Maire. To benefit from this support, companies will have to justify a 50% drop in their turnover, against 65% previously, and the authorities will speed up reimbursement procedures for sums of less than 50,000 euros.

In addition, professionals in the sector have asked the government to be able to benefit from an exemption from charges, and expressed their doubts about their ability to repay loans guaranteed by the State on time. Bruno Le Maire said he was looking “in the coming hours” on these questions in order to provide an answer.

“The government has taken into account the situation of the sector. There are still improvements to be made, this is the whole subject of the discussions that we are starting now because we have to act quickly, particularly concerning eligibility for short-time work, ”Didier Chenet told AFP. , president of the union of independent hotel and restaurant workers.

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