Friday, January 21

French Presidency of the EU: French people interested in Europe?

France took over the presidency of the European Union on January 1, 2022. In his wishes, Emmanuel Macron insisted a lot on the importance of the place of Europe, going so far as to replace the tricolor under the Arc of Triumph by the European flag. But are the French interested in Europe?

Questioned at random in the street by CNEWS, several French people recognize a certain lack of knowledge of the European Union and its institutions. Some of them even deplore it.

“We are not at all informed of how it works, and that is perhaps what gives a bad image of Europe”, summarized a passerby.

Ecology, recovery plan, defense … European reforms nevertheless have a concrete impact on the daily life of the citizens of the Union.

A very complex mode of operation

So why such disenchantment? “I don’t think this is a disinterest in Europe, but it is true that the European institutions are extremely complex. We do not know if we are talking about the Council of Europe, the European Council of Heads of State and Governments… ”, explained to CNEWS Patrick Martin Genier, specialist in European issues and lecturer at Sciences Po and Inalco .

According to this specialist, the French are not for all that Eurosceptics: “they are generally for Europe and they realize that Brexit has caused considerable damage to the United Kingdom and they realize that Europe is a valuable asset ”.

At the helm now for six months, France will cede its place to the Czech Republic in the second half of the year.

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