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Grandpa’s applause for Klæbo – this is how he explains the success

VAL DI FIEMME (VG) Coach and grandfather Kåre Høsflot is pleased with how complete Johannes Høsflot Klæbo (25) is, and warns that there will be more in stock.

CENTER: Johannes Høsflot Klæbo has shown muscle in the Tour de Ski.

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– It’s going quite well. The race he went today was incredible, says Høsflot to VG.

He follows Klæbo’s show in the Tour de Ski on the TV he received from his grandson earlier this winter.

On Monday, Johannes Høsflot Klæbo went in fourth victory in five stages. NRK expert Fredrik Aukland believes Klæbos 15-kilometer was the best he has done at a distance.

– It may well be nearby, yes. It was good, says Høsflot.

Before the final stage up the “monster hill”, Klæbo has two minutes down to Aleksandr Bolshunov. Iivo Niskanen, Pål Golberg and Erik Valnes are about three minutes behind.

SUPERDUO: Kåre Høsflot and Johannes Høsflot Klæbo. Here at Skeikampen before the World Cup in Oberstdorf last winter.

The recipe for super success sounds “simple”:

– It is training over many years. Very dedicated training and planned training. He may also have received a “boost” from all the height training this season, says Høsflot, but he does not want to conclude with that.

The grandfather agrees that Klæbo has become even more solid and complete this winter.

– It may be that it is the altitude training, but we have nothing to compare with from before. It is the training he does at home as usual and the normal job that is most important, the coach continues.

Klæbo broke through as a phenomenal sprinter before he has since taken constant steps at a distance. And this winter he has been at the very top in all races except two 15-kilometers early in the season.

These are Klæbo’s results this year: 1-1-1-4-1-2-1-12-1-9-2.

– He is very solid technically and very stable now. Physically, he has also become very strong. It is fun to see that what we work for works, says Høsflot.

Throughout the Tour de Ski, Klæbo has kept ground contact and repeated to the point of boredom that this is what is happening in February he is thinking of: the Olympics in China.

– But we hope he can go even faster. What he is doing now is at the highest level, but we are planning to top form in February, says Høsflot.

The main character himself says this:

– I try to do the best I can every race. Now there is a race left of the tour, so we will get home a week before the last stay before the Olympics. Now I have to be really careful and good, says Klæbo.

The goal of one week at home is to recover as much as possible, says Høsflot.

Klæbo’s plan is to get as many hours as possible on the sofa.

– I may have to call in some friends who have time to play with me, says the world’s sovereign best skier in January 2021, a month before the big goal.

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