Tuesday, January 18

Harry Potter: which actress was Daniel Radcliffe in love with during the filming of the films?

Daniel Radcliffe has confirmed that he fell in love with one of his partners in the Harry Potter films.

While fans were calling for a romance between the actor and Emma Watson, it was actually a much older star than him who made the young man’s heart beat faster.

And for good reason, the interpreter of Harry Potter had fallen in love with Helena Bonham Carter, who played Bellatrix Lestrange. This one-sided love with this woman 23 years his senior, the young man had at the time written down on paper.

In a funny sequence from “Harry Potter: Return to Hogwarts”, to be seen on Salto since January 1, the now 55-year-old actress herself read the cute missive she had received and which ‘she had since treasured.

“Dear Helena Bonham-Carter it was a pleasure to be your partner and your saucer in that I always ended up having your coffee. I love you and I would have liked to have been born ten years earlier, so I might have had a chance, ”wrote the frozen lover. Words that make him laugh a lot today but also still blush …

For her part, Emma Watson confided to have had a crush for Tom Felton (alias Drago Malfoy in the saga). Hermione Granger’s interpreter said he was the first young man to make his heart beat. “” I walked into the room where we were taking private lessons. We were told to draw what we thought was God and Tom had drawn a girl with a cap upside down on a skateboard. And I just don’t know how to put it another way, I just fell in love with him, ”she revealed, assuring, however, that nothing had ever happened between them.


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