Tuesday, January 25

Health. A first case of “Flurona”, a double infection with Covid-19 and influenza in Israel

Israel saw its first case of “Flurona”, a double infection with Covid-19 and the flu. The Times of Israel reported that the first patient infected was an unvaccinated pregnant woman with mild symptoms of difficulty breathing.

Doctors at the central Israel hospital where she was hospitalized said the patient left the facility in good shape on December 30. The Times of Israel relates that the double infection was discovered during a hospital analysis.

Cases in the United States in 2020

According to the authorities, this would not be the very first case detected in the world. Cases of “Flurona” have already been observed in the United States in 2020. Analyzes are underway to assess the dangerousness of this disease.

Israel has seen an increase in the number of influenza cases in recent weeks, with nearly 2,000 people hospitalized for this reason. At the same time, the growing number of Covid-19 cases raises fears of a massive influx of patients into hospitals. Last winter, health restrictions put the brakes on flu cases, but this year is different given the less severe restrictions.

It is likely that other people are in the same situation, and have been infected with both viruses, without being diagnosed. Health authorities are expecting potential new cases of Flurona.


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