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Health pass, contact case, vaccine … In which case can we donate blood?

While the French Blood Establishment (EFS) is launching a new donation campaign at the start of the year, the health situation may curb some donors. However, if you follow a few rules, it is relatively easy to donate blood. Here are the questions we can ask ourselves in the context of Covid-19.

Who is eligible for blood donation?

Anyone between the ages of 18 and 70 who weighs more than 50 kg can donate blood. However, certain medical contraindications (such as being pregnant) prevent donation. To find out if we are concerned, a self-assessment is available on the EFS website. Before each donation, a doctor present at the collection point ensures that the donor is indeed eligible by having him fill out a questionnaire. A map allows you to find the closest collection point to your home and to make an appointment.

Do you need a health pass to donate blood?

No, the health pass is not necessary to donate blood. “Blood collection places are considered by state authorities as authorized public places because they are vital and essential”, specifies the EFS.

Can we make a donation if we have tested positive for Covid-19?

If you are asymptomatic with a positive test, you should wait 14 days from the date of the test.

If you have had symptoms, it will be necessary to wait 28 days after the onset of symptoms or 14 days after symptoms disappear.

What if we are in contact?

“In case of close contact with a confirmed or probable case”, you have to wait 14 days to donate your blood, recommends the EFS.

Can I donate blood after being vaccinated?

Yes, and this even without any adjournment period being necessary. “After a live attenuated vaccine (yellow fever, chickenpox, rubella, measles, mumps, tuberculosis, rotavirus), you have to wait 4 weeks to donate blood”, specifies the EFS. But for all other types of vaccine, such as influenza or against Covid-19, donation is possible without delay.

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