Monday, January 24

Here is the number of hours it would take to eliminate a festive meal

Turkey, foie gras, Yule logs, King’s pancakes … The end of the year celebrations put a strain on the stomachs. Result: An adult gains on average between 500 grams and 1 kilo after the Christmas holidays, according to the British Dietetic Initiative.

However, it is possible to cancel this phenomenon. An 84-kilogram adult should then take a short 15-hour hike … or a six-hour jog, estimates the body.

These efforts would, in theory, burn the 3,500 calories gained during a Christmas dinner, reports Konbini. In detail: two glasses of beer (230 calories), potatoes (335 calories), cheese (450 calories), chocolates that accompany coffee (200 calories) … ‘about 2000 calories per day. This value varies depending on age, sex, height and physical condition.

Christmas binges could cause, over the years, “to be overweight or obese in some people, which can increase their risk of developing many diseases, including cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure or stroke.” », Warns the organization.

The idea is not to force the French to take a six-hour jog – an unrealistic option – but to encourage them to pay attention to their diet during the holidays, and the weeks that follow. “Scientific research has proven that giving people information on how many minutes of walking (or running) it takes to burn calories can help them eat less at Christmas,” justifies the Times, which relays the British Dietetic Initiative.

Fortunately, the initial weight can quickly be regained if no further overeating is done in the following weeks. Still a more tempting method than a six-hour jog.

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