Sunday, January 16

Jérôme Béglé’s editorial: “a new year and already two controversies”

Jérôme Béglé, deputy editor-in-chief of Le Point, devotes his editorial of this Monday, January 3 to the two controversies linked to the European flag hoisted alone under the Arc de Triomphe and to the choices of Agnès Buzyn and Jean-François Delfraissy for the prizes of the Legion of Honor awarded on January 1st.

The year has barely begun when two controversies are already spoiling the lives of the majority.

Flaming the Arc de Triomphe with a gigantic flag in the colors of Europe and raising the former Minister of Health Agnès Buzin as well as the president of the Scientific Council Jean-Francois Delfraissy is not the best effect at a time when the French people doubt the government’s vaccination policy and are skeptical of the benefits of the European Union.

Result: the vapors of the presidential vows of January 1 are already gone and the political opponents of Emmanuel Macron find a new opportunity to castigate his amateurism and his lack of knowledge of the country, its history and its symbols.

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