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Kidnapped at the age of 4 in 1989, a man reunites with his parents after having drawn a map of his house from memory

Li Jingwei, 37, was only four years old in 1989 when he was kidnapped outside his parents’ home, and was sold to another family in a province far from his hometown.

The young child was approached by a man from his village who promised him a toy and took it away to sell to a family who lived 1,600 km away.

Li Jingwei could not remember his birth name, the names of his parents, or the name of his village. But he remembered what his hometown looked like: where trees grew, cows grazed, winding roads were plentiful, and rivers flowed peacefully. He remembers the rice fields and ponds near his house, the bamboo shoots that grew on the sides of the nearby mountain. As a child, whenever he was homesick or sad, he drew a picture of his village – drawing it on average at least once a day “to make him remember his house”, he said. he told The Paper.

In December, Li Jingwei shared one of his drawings online and asked internet users for help identifying the location after hearing about other abducted children who had been reunited with their relatives.

The young father was surprised to get an almost immediate response, telling him that a police investigation had been opened into his disappearance 33 years ago.

Li Jingwei was reunited with his parents over the weekend. This reunion was organized by the police.

In a moving video shared by many media, Li can be seen falling to the ground as her mother cries and says: “I finally found my little baby”, relates the CNN site.

Child abduction has long been rife in China. A problem according to experts which has been exacerbated by the country’s old one-child policy and which has been relaxed in recent years. For decades, those who had a second child were sentenced to heavy fines or to have an abortion.

Many Chinese families – especially those in rural areas – traditionally viewed boys as better able to provide and maintain the family lineage. This demand created a black market for baby boys and prompted many families to give baby girls up for adoption.

Many of those who have been reunited with their original families have been reluctant to take legal action against their adoptive parents whom they end up loving.

Mr Jingwei said his family had adopted him “human values” so that he can study hard and become “a talent for the future “.

It was not immediately clear whether her foster family would be prosecuted.

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