Friday, January 28

Maine-et-Loire. Military killed on New Year’s Day: the companion recognizes the murder, his brother files a complaint

Judicial information should be opened on Monday in Angers after a soldier admitted to having stabbed his 27-year-old companion, also a soldier, near Saumur (Maine-et-Loire).

“The Saumur prosecutor’s office has relinquished the procedure in favor of the criminal department of the Angers prosecutor’s office, with a view to the opening tomorrow of a judicial investigation for murder by partner and aggravated violence,” said prosecutor Alexandra Verron.

His brother punched in the face

The man, aged 21, “admitted, during his hearings, having hit his brother in the face with several punches and then having stabbed his partner several times,” she said.

The facts occurred in Bellevigne-les-Châteaux, Saturday around 5 am, and the suspect is still in custody for homicide by partner.

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Ten stab wounds

The autopsy carried out on Sunday revealed “ten stab wounds including three fatal in the thorax and defensive lesions”, specifies the prosecutor.

The brother of the respondent also lodged a complaint for the violence they suffered during the night and which caused a total incapacity for work for two days, she adds.

Victims of domestic violence: the numbers to help you

Blackmail, humiliation, insults, beatings … If you are a victim of domestic violence, urgently call the police on 17. You can also contact the dedicated listening number 3919. The 3919 “Violences femmes info” is a free number. It is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The 114 also allows emergency and law enforcement to be alerted in real time by SMS. Dedicated to deaf and hard of hearing people, this number can also be useful to any citizen in certain circumstances where the victim cannot speak aloud or wishes to remain discreet.

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