Monday, January 24

Mask, telework, isolation… What is changing today

Faced with developments in the Covid-19 epidemic and the appearance of the Omicron variant, which has been shaking up the health situation for more than a month, the government has had to readjust its measures. As of Monday January 3, new rules come into force. Here are which ones.

Mask for children

Wearing a mask becomes compulsory for children from the age of 6, compared to 11 years previously. A decree in this direction has been published in the Official Journal. This rule will apply in the same places as for adults (public transport, performance halls, shops, administrations, etc.).

Also remember that the mask has become mandatory outdoors in many large cities and around fifty departments (the rules may vary from one locality to another).

Isolation time reduced

The time taken to isolate fully vaccinated people is reduced from ten to seven days. It will even be five days if a test is carried out and it turns out to be negative (ditto for children under 12). If the patient is not fully vaccinated, his isolation remains ten days, seven in the event of a negative test.

For contact cases, those with a complete vaccination schedule are no longer placed in isolation. An antigen test or PCR must be carried out immediately, then a self-test on D + 2 then D + 4 (for children under 12, a certificate on the honor of the parents is necessary). Those with an incomplete vaccination schedule are isolated for seven days and then be tested.

Mandatory teleworking

From January 3, employers are required to set at least three days of teleworking per week for employees whose positions allow it. A fine of 1,000 euros per employee is provided for companies not respecting this rule.

The government encourages the number of teleworking days to be increased to four when possible and the employee’s situation allows it.

In addition, companies are now asked to take good care of barrier measures, with the wearing of a mask, the physical distance of one meter between employees or the ventilation of rooms (leave the windows open permanently or open them for 10 minutes). every hour).

Sitting at the stadium and at concerts, return of the gauges

For sports and shows, the public can now only be accepted if each person has a seat. Concert goers will therefore have to stay on a seat. A gauge of 2,000 people is applied in the rooms and 5,000 people when it comes to the outdoors.

Strict rules for eating and drinking in public

In bars and restaurants, customers must be seated to consume, from Monday until January 23.

On board the TGV and Intercités, the sale and service of food and drink is prohibited. If removing his mask to drink from his own bottle is no longer officially authorized, the agents will act with “discernment”, said the SNCF.

The gauge increases among childminders

In anticipation of sick leave for childminders, the government has increased the maximum number of children who can be accommodated in their homes. They can be six simultaneously, or even eight in the case of children under 11 years old.

No more repayments of schoolchildren in other classes

In primary school, if a teacher is absent, his or her pupils can no longer be distributed among the other classes of the establishment. It will therefore be necessary to wait for his return, or his replacement, for the schoolchildren concerned to return to class.

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