Friday, January 21

MMA: the body of a fighter discovered two years after his disappearance

He had been missing for almost two years. Last seen in February 2020, the body of David Koenig, an amateur MMA fighter, was found before the holiday season.

The tragic discovery was made on December 22 in a Missouri wood. A man, who was walking his dog, found the remains of David Koenig’s skeleton. Nearby, personal effects belonging to the young man, aged 25 at the time of his disappearance, were also discovered, said investigators in charge of the case.

Forensic examinations carried out by a forensic dentist confirmed that it was indeed David Koenig. According to the first elements of the police, the death of the fighter, who had started his career in 2015, would not be of criminal origin. “He was not shot or stabbed, and he had no broken bones. It was not stolen, as his tattered wallet was still intact along with the two silver necklaces he always wore among other things. All the rumors were false! No one killed Dave. Anybody !”, insisted her mother on Facebook, while many volunteers had participated in his research for several weeks.

“We don’t want or need your thoughts on what might have happened. It will not bring him back, and we are already suffering enough, ”she added in a long message to put an end to the conspiracy theories that had emerged on social networks to explain his sudden disappearance.

David Koenig was last seen alive on February 8, 2020, when he checked into a motel not far from where he was found. He is said to have texted some of his friends asking them for help. But if his body has been found, the circumstances as well as the reasons for the death of David Koenig remain to be clarified.

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