Friday, January 21

New Year: a driver who is too alcoholic is denounced by his friends

After a very alcoholic New Year in Vivonne (Vienne), about twenty kilometers south of Poitiers, a party animal wanted to get behind the wheel. Unable to dissuade him, his friends asked the gendarmerie to come and arrest him.

The driver was going to Niort (Deux-Sèvres), a destination an hour’s drive away. As soon as he left, his friends phoned the police station and indicated “the path he was going to take, his license plate, his identity and the color of the car,” reports The New Republic.

The Poitiers gendarmerie managed to intercept the vehicle around 6:20 am, about fifteen kilometers from Vivonne. The driver had 1.3 grams of alcohol in his blood, much more than the authorized limit, set at 0.2g / L.

The car was immobilized and the party animal had his license withdrawn. A friend living in Niort came to pick him up.

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