Monday, January 17

NEW YEAR: Some of the world’s most beautiful and expensive yachts are in St. Barts – Faxinfo

Like every year, Saint-Barth welcomes some of the richest people on the planet, most of whom stay on their mega-yachts.

In the port of Gustavia is the Metis quay, a 63-meter-long yacht belonging to the founder of Dermapharm, Wilhelm Beier, whose fortune is estimated at 3 billion dollars; Dream former passenger ship converted into a yacht in 2018. It belongs to the Greek George Prokopiou, founder of Dynacom specializing in the transport of natural gas and whose fortune is estimated at 2 billion dollars. IL which can accommodate up to 36 passengers, cost 150 million and requires 15 million maintenance costs per year.

Like Dream, Illusion also at the dock is not available for hire. It cost 45 million and belongs to Brett Alexander Palos, son-in-law of billionaire Philipp Green living in Monaco nicknamed “The King of the High Street”.

Resilience is also present in Saint-Barth. He is owned by Geoff Wilding is the executive chairman and major shareholder of Victoria Carpets, a Scottish company which manufactures and distributes a wide range of carpets. Victoria is known for providing the red carpet for the royal wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton.

In the bay of Gustavia anchor Planet Nine, a yacht for sale at the price of 85 million dollars belonging to one of the heirs of Baron Rothschild, Nat Rothschild; Gene Machine owned by Jonathan Marc Rothberg, an American known for his DNA research; Laurentia (56m and 50 million dollars); Olivia O yacht of 88 m and 200 million dollars belonging to the billionaire Eyal Ofer living in Monaco and having made a fortune in real estate; Titania (71m, $ 50m); Triumph (65m and $ 80 million); Moskito (55m and $ 45m).

Other yachts available for charter and present in Saint-Barth, Axioma (72 m), Sycara V (68.2m), Okto (66.4 m). The prices are respectively 549,000, 495,000 and 400,000 euros per week. The first two have a capacity of 12 guests for 20 and 16 crew members, the third 11 guests and 17 crew members.

Finally Eclipse, Roman Abramovich’s 162-meter-long mega-yacht is like every year in the waters of the northern islands. In recent years, she has not been the longest boat in the world.

Flying Fox, a 136-meter yacht, whose ownership had been attributed to the head of Amazon (but denied by the company) has left the waters of Sint Maarten for the Virgin Islands. The boat is available for charter at a minimum price of $ 3 million per week.


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