Tuesday, January 18

Ørn ate up a dog outside a house in Kvæfjord

The dog Kompis was eaten by an eagle two meters outside the food mother’s house when he was released to pee in Resfnes in Kvæfjord in Troms on Sunday.

On Sunday, a dog was eaten by an eagle outside a house in Refsnes. The food mother thinks it was a sea eagle, of the same type that is depicted.

The one-year-old dog, which was of the breed Russian Toy, was let out the door to pee on Sunday when he spent an unusually long time coming back, food mother Cecilie Edvardsen Norskott tells Harstad Tidende.

– I went out to look for him. Right by the house door, a large sea eagle sits and eats him as a prey. The eagle was two meters from me when I came out, at first I did not see clearly what it was I saw. It takes a while before I realize it’s an eagle. There lies our dog, eaten, she says.

Norskott believes it was a sea eagle, although there are also golden eagles in the area. The latter is known to often attack animals the size of dogs, according to the Norwegian Ornithological Society (NOF).

– We do not recommend letting dogs go loose, especially in exposed terrain. And such attacks happen quickly at lightning speed, says Norwegian Ornithological Society’s golden eagle expert Alv Ottar Folkestad.


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