Tuesday, January 18

Paris: 173 collection points available to recycle Christmas trees

Like every year, the Parisian municipality organizes the collection and recycling of Christmas trees. For this, 173 collection points were scattered throughout Paris until January 20. Only imperative, the tree must be deposited naked and without bag.

While most of these 173 fir bins are installed in city parks and gardens, such as in the Nelson Mandela garden, in front of the Saint-Eustache church (1st), in the Trocadéro gardens (16th) or even in the Buttes park. -Chaumont (19th), some have been placed directly in the public space, such as along the Champ-de-Mars (7th), on the central median of the Porte de Charenton (12th) or even on the Place des Ternes ( 17th).

Fir trees transformed into natural weedkillers

According to the municipality, it is above all a question of “giving a second life” to Christmas trees, which will be reused “to protect the plantations in the green spaces” of the city. How? ‘Or’ What ? Thanks to crushing machines, which directly crush the trees on site, in order to transform them into wood chips.

“An ecological gesture” therefore, while this “shredded material” is then used by gardeners “as a natural weedkiller” in the form of mulch and spread at the foot of the beds and on the paths. “This makes it possible to ecologically reduce the appearance of free grasses, to limit the evaporation of water and to promote the development of underground micro-organisms which improve the life of the soil”, welcomes the institution.

Last year, the record of trees collected was broken with 121,146 recycled trees, out of 170 collection points. That is to say about 2,400 m3 of shredded material. This figure is constantly increasing, while 115,250 trees were recovered in 2019-2020 from 195 collection points, 97,300 in 2018-2019 from 174 collection points and 85,209 in 2017-2018 from 164 collection points.


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