Monday, January 17

Police: The missing person himself reported that he had been released in the Tolga case

The young man who was reported kidnapped in Tolga on Sunday, reported himself to relatives and said he had been released, according to police.

Police are investigating an incident of violence and possible kidnapping in Tolga. Photo: Annika Byrde / NTB

The police in the Interior write in a press release that the case is being investigated with full force. A 20-year-old was missing on Sunday after an incident of violence and the police are investigating the case as a kidnapping.

Late Sunday, the 20-year-old recovered.

– The missing person himself reported to relatives that he was released by the perpetrators on Sunday night, the police write in the press release.

Victims’ assistance lawyer Helge Hartz says TV 2 that his client is fine, given the circumstances.

– It is obvious that both he and his parents have experienced something that is very traumatic, but he has recovered and I assist the whole family. I have been with him for questioning last night, says Hartz.

The assistance lawyer states that they will meet later Monday and continue the talks.

– He has explained himself about the incident as he experienced it. According to the conditions taken into account, he is physically in good shape. But what he has been through is something no one wants to experience, so it is difficult to say anything about the aftermath here, Hartz says.

No one has so far been arrested or charged in the case.

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