Friday, January 28

Prince Andrew prosecutors were paid millions in the Epstein settlement

A 12-year-old settlement between Virginia Giuffre and Jeffrey Epstein has been announced in connection with Giuffre’s lawsuit against Prince Andrew.

In connection with her lawsuit against Prince Andrew, Virginia Giuffre’s settlement with Jeffrey Epstein from 2009 has been announced. Prince Andrew pictured in 2021.

Prince Andrew, who is part of the British royal family, asked for the settlement to be made public as he claims it protects him from lawsuits of the type Giuffre has filed against him.

In the settlement from 2009, Giuffre is said to have agreed not to sue any party with connections to Epstein and who can be described as a “potential defendant”, reports BBC. Prince Andrew is not explicitly mentioned in the settlement.

Epstein paid Giuffre $ 500,000 – $ 4.4 million at today’s exchange rate – as part of the settlement, which was reached after Giuffre sued Epstein for, among other things, sexual abuse.

In order to get the money paid out, Giuffre, then named Roberts, had to sign that she had to “release Epstein forever” for all charges, and that the same applied to other named and unnamed persons associated with Epstein.

Giuffre now claims in a lawsuit against Prince Andrew that he committed several sexual assaults on her when she was 17, and that the abuse was facilitated by Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell. The prince has denied all charges.

Giuffre’s lawyers have stated that the settlement is not relevant to her case against Prince Andrew.

Last week, Maxwell was found guilty, among other things, of having recruited young girls who were then sexually abused by Epstein and his friends.

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