Tuesday, January 18

Record new car sales in 2021 – 64.5 percent electric cars

176,276 new passenger cars were registered in Norway in 2021. Thus, a 35-year-old record was broken by a good margin.

A Tesla Model 3 is charging. It is the best-selling model in Norway.

113,715 of the new passenger cars were electric cars, which is 64.5 per cent of the new cars and is a clear increase from 2020. In total, only 8.2 per cent of the new cars were pure fossil cars, according to figures from the Road Traffic Information Council (OFV ).

The old record for registrations of new passenger cars dates from 1986, when 167,352 cars were registered.

– With the registration rate we are seeing now, and a share of 64.5 percent new electric cars in 2021, we may already in March have half a million electric cars in total in the Norwegian car fleet. Then we start approaching 20 percent of a total of 2.8 million passenger cars. It is quite formidable, says director Øyvind Solberg Thorsen (OFV).

54.4 per cent of new passenger cars had four-wheel drive, and there is also a noticeable growth in the share from American and Chinese car brands. In 2021, it has also been seen that almost 100,000 older petrol and diesel cars disappear from the Norwegian car fleet.

The best-selling model was the Tesla Model 3, and 12,058 new ones were registered in 2021. Tesla was also the best-selling brand, with 20,397 new cars.


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