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Restaurant association will punish people who book a table without showing up

Every week, Oslo restaurants have up to NOK 10,000 in lost revenue as a result of people not showing up for their reservation, according to restaurant manager Tony Pedersen.

OUT OF NHO: Plah boss Tony Pedersen experiences that NHO has given up on the restaurant industry work after he started the Norwegian Restaurant Association.

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That sum will Tony Pedersen, general manager of the Oslo restaurant Plah, have reduced.

Therefore, he is now in the process of putting in place a new booking system.

In the new solution, the customer must register a credit card when reserving a table. If the customer does not show up, he will be charged a sum.

– People in the industry are very ready for this. We spend extremely much time following up on bookings, and the fact that people do not show up costs the industry insanely large sums every year, Pedersen says.

– It affects everyone. Both us who get fewer customers and customers who may not get a table.

For Plah’s part, the loss of income amounts to between 5,000 and 10,000 kroner a week, Tony Pedersen estimates.

Signed out of NHO

The new booking service will be the first visible result from the Norwegian Restaurant Association this year.

The interest organization was started up last year and is run primarily by Tony Pedersen in Plah and Le Benjamin boss Ove-André Jakobsen.

Le Benjamin boss Ove-André Jakobsen.

The starting point was a perception that no one really speaks for the restaurant industry, Pedersen explained.

As of the New Year, Plah has resigned as a member of NHO Mat og Drikke.

– But there is nothing wrong with being a member elsewhere if you are a member with us. Our goal is to get as many people as possible to work for our cause. And we have seen that NHO has done a completely different job since we started. They have become much more involved. We are very pleased with that.

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Far from membership goals

When the Norwegian Restaurant Association was started up in May, Pedersen told E24 that he had an ambition of 400 members by the end of the year.

Now he must acknowledge that that number must rather become a long-term goal for how many members they can achieve in total. The membership currently numbers around 30.

– We have not worked with recruitment yet. All the restaurants that have come to us have done so on their own initiative.

The modest growth rate is related to how much priority it is possible to give the association’s work, Pedersen says.

– Both me and Ove Jacobsen do this next to the restaurant operation, after working hours.

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Will join mass lawsuits

The restaurant industry is once again affected by harsh infection control measures. The bar stop not only ensures lower turnover per guest, but also far fewer guests in general.

SMB Norway, the employers’ association for small and medium-sized enterprises, demands to see the government’s decision basis for this measure.

If there is no satisfactory answer, the organization is considering mass lawsuits for unjustified loss of income, wrote E24 before Christmas.

The Norwegian Restaurant Association has a close collaboration with SMB Norway.

– We will join the mass lawsuit if anything happens, says Tony Pedersen.

– Conflicting measures

He has a feeling that he has been hit by conflicting measures.

– On the one hand, it is the bar stop, but at the same time the government introduces wage compensation to keep us in work. To me, it is completely unclear whether they want us to have closed or not. I think they could either leave us open or shut us down completely and compensate us accordingly.

– And if alcohol is the problem, why is Vinmonopolet kept up? It is at parties and nachspiel that you really have the opportunity to infect others. It is out of the question, and I think it is strange with such an illogical measure, especially in the third round, says Tony Pedersen.

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