Friday, January 21

Secret Story: Xavier Delarue gives not very reassuring news of Tatiana-Laurence, pregnant and sick

As Tatiana-Laurence’s pregnancy comes to an end, Xavier Delarue gave some news of his partner, whose state of health is not in good shape because of influenza A.

Nothing serious, however, according to the actor of the Mysteries of love, who ensures to watch over her and their unborn child. But influenza A only worsens the gestational hyperthyroidism she has had since she became pregnant.

“Sorry for this silence, but after a magnificent Christmas Eve and Christmas 2021 with the family, Tatiana-Laurence is having a real hard time so I stay with her and baby to optimize the recovery”, we can read on the account Instagram of the ex-basketball player. “Tatiana-Laurence is therefore in solitary confinement at home. Her hyperthyroidism flared up and made the baby very tired, who is also under observation. Fever, fatigue and even loss of taste are present. These are really the same symptoms as the Covid-19, which does not have the same name… It’s quite destabilizing, ”he continues.

It is last august that Tatiana-Laurence Delarue had revealed to be suffering from gestational hyperthyroidism, a disease that causes great fatigue, increased heart rate, swelling of the eyes, and severe migraines.

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