Friday, January 21

The authors behind the controversial Nordea analysis resign

Nordea has completed the investigation of a vaccine-critical analysis with Nazi references. Now the two who wrote the analysis are leaving the brokerage house.


In a press release Nordea Markets writes that it concludes that the controversial analysis, which was published on 20 November last year, violates the brokerage’s guidelines and values.

Nordea pulled then the controversial report, in which chief analyst Martin Enlund and chief strategist Andreas Steno Larsen in colorful language questioned the effect of the covid vaccines.

To ensure high quality Nordea Markets publications, we strengthen our editorial procedures, our analysis publishing process and compliance guidelines. We will continue to provide our customers with analyzes and research with high integrity and relevance “, says Martin Persson, head of large companies and institutions in Nordea, in a statement.

Enlund and Steno Larsen were offered to continue in Nordea Markets, but have themselves decided that they will leave Nordea, according to the announcement.

The two were banned from writing while the brokerage house conducted the internal investigation.

Andreas Steno Larsen

Has been in the brokerage house for 10 years

Enlund joined Nordea in 2014 as chief analyst and has previously worked at Svenska Handelsbanken for nine years. Steno Larsen has been with Nordea for more than 10 years.

The analysis caused a stir on Twitter after the Finnish politician Mikko Karna asked questions about the content.

Bloomberg discussed the matter on the same day as the analysis was removed from the major bank’s website.

In the analysis, the authors question, among other things, the effectiveness of the corona vaccine, official infection figures and they made references to the Nuremberg process.

Nazi reference

The two wrote, among other things, that “it used to be” two weeks to flatten the basket “, but in one way or another it has developed into” imprisoning the unvaccinated (or worse) “”. They further stated that “the vaccine is apparently so good that you have to force people to take it”, according to Bloomberg.

In the report, the authors made a Nazi reference and suggest that the booster vaccine actually increases transmission of the coronavirus:

«If we disregard the lessons of the Nuremberg trials, such as bodily integrity, informed choice, civil liberties, and so on (because who cares?) – closure, vaccine requirements, etc., bear costs. Closing schools can lead to children missing out on education, and locking in people, who are social animals, or reducing social interaction, will also carry costs even if these will not be visible in GDP figures », wrote Enlund and Steno.

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