Wednesday, January 19

“The fifth wave of Covid-19 may be the last”: Olivier Véran displays cautious optimism

Very noticed words. In an interview with the Journal du Dimanche, the Minister of Health Olivier Véran estimated that given the strong contagiousness of Omicron and the vaccination, the fifth wave of Covid-19 was “perhaps” (… ) “The last of the waves”.

An optimism, certainly displayed, but cautious insofar as Olivier Véran indicated “that once again, everything is in the perhaps”.

To support his remarks, the Minister of Health specified that in view of “the rate of contamination in our country and elsewhere on the planet, it is probable that we have all acquired some form of immunity or by vaccination, or by infection, or both ”.

“At the end of the first wave, 4 to 5% of the population had reached some form of immunity and we did not have a vaccine. (…) We will have, at the end of the Omicron wave, an immunity which will be well above 50%. Even with almost 100% vaccination in reality, ”he added.

A “difficult” month of January in the hospital

However, before this possible end of the epidemic is declared, Olivier Véran wanted to warn this Monday on France Inter that January was going to be “difficult at the hospital”.

This not only given the Covid-19 epidemic but also the “other pathologies” in progress.

“The risk with Omicron is a risk of saturation of our hospitals, conventional hospital beds,” he warned.

“Omicron is less dangerous” and “causes less acute respiratory distress, and the need for intensive care beds is lower than with the previous variants”, but it can cause “oxygen requirements of three, four days and therefore we expects an influx of patients in conventional hospital beds ”, explained the Minister.

“The flu has started, the gastroenteritis is there. Other pathologies, other people who have chronic illnesses need to be treated, ”he explained.

“Of the 400,000 medical beds in our hospitals today, 20,000 are already occupied by Covid patients even before the impact of the Omicron wave,” he warned.

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