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“There was not much tenderness in the past”: Charlotte Gainsbourg confides in her relationship with her parents

While filming her own mother, Jane Birkin, in her first film entitled “Jane by Charlotte” which will be released on January 12, Charlotte Gainsbourg spoke of the extremely modest relations which have always linked her to her famous parents.

In the program Sept à Huit broadcast this Sunday, January 2 on TF1, Charlotte Gainsbourg confided in the absence of a testimony of love within the family.

“My father was very modest, and never in life, we said to each other ‘I love you’ or we made what we call a hug. It is a word but it would have bristled him. My mother too. So he, from a Russian culture, very modest, and she, from a rather bourgeois English culture, where we do not say that kind of thing to each other, ”confided the actress and singer.

“There hasn’t been a lot of tenderness in the past, because it’s not our code. But today, I need it. So I ask for it and I have less inhibition to testify as well, ”she added.

The loss of her father Serge Gainsbourg, she says, surely played on the special relationship she subsequently had with her mother: “I think I spoke so much about my father, because I missed him. so much (…) I did not testify much to him (Jane Birkin, editor’s note) perhaps ”.

Statements by interposed media

“In fact, we say ‘I love you’ at critical times,” explains Charlotte Gainsbourg. She was very scared when I had a brain accident, and suddenly, that’s when there are statements. We find it easy to make statements through a camera or a microphone. With my father, it was a microphone and with my mother, me in any case, it is with a camera, ”she analyzes, thus revealing that she made her film“ Jane by Charlotte ”above all“ to watch ( her mother) through a camera because she did not dare to look at her as she wanted ”, by“ embarrassment ”.

This documentary, which took four years to film, was an opportunity for the two women to come closer, and allowed Charlotte to make her mother “a declaration of love a little disguised”, she says. “She understood that I needed answers on a lot of things that I did not know. We took advantage of it, it was great, we had fun too. I wanted a privileged moment that I had ”.

In another interview published on January 2 in the JDD, Charlotte Gainsbourg also returned to the comparison with her mother who made her suffer for a long time. “My mother was sublime, classy and wonderful. My friends envied me because she was so much funnier than theirs. When she arrived at my boarding school in her purple Triumph convertible, scarf in the wind and dark glasses, I sometimes wanted to have a more discreet mother, but I was proud. Its glamor, I suffered only professionally when the people of the trade in England told me that I did not look like him, explained the actress.

“I didn’t have my mother’s beauty. It was difficult to take charge of myself physically. “She added, also remembering a sentence from her father Serge Gainsbourg that she loves today but which annoyed her a lot at the time:” My father, for whom beauty was important, said that I was an orchid disguised as a nettle. It’s a nice compliment, but I took it badly. “


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