Friday, January 28

Trude P. Gylseth (36) has become stronger, more enduring and almost ten kilos lighter in ten weeks. Watch the program she followed.

Trude P. Gylseth has been training systematically for ten weeks. Now her shape is to be tested.

Personal trainer Lars Mæland notes the results.

– It has not been as tiring as I had thought, says Trude Printz Gylseth.

Trude Printz Gylseth (36) looks straight ahead, exhales easily and grabs the bar over her head. “Deduction” is one of several physical tests she will undergo. They will show her form after ten weeks of training and mark the end of “Project top form” (see facts).

– The goal was to see how good form you can get in with ten weeks of systematic training, says personal trainer at Evo, Lars Mæland.

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