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TV program. Back on TF1, “Sam” could well meet love in the meadow …

On this Monday, January 3, it’s back to school for French schoolchildren and students but also for Sam. The now ex-rebel TF1 teacher is back for new adventures. His interpreter, Natacha Lindinger, his accomplice Xavier, camped by Fred Testot, and a newcomer, Chantal Ladesou, tell us more about the upcoming episodes.

Welcome to Saint-Paul-le-Truchon

Achieving the best final since season 1 of the series where Mathilde Seigner gave her features to Sam, season 5 ended with several cataclysms in both the private and professional life of the French teacher: a failed marriage and a resignation from the ‘National Education.

Eight months later, Sam is on the brink: depressed and under threat of deportation. “She comes to a point in her life when she doesn’t know where she is at all. She goes wild, ”says Fred Testot. “She gave up the job she loves, her children have left home, she no longer has that crutch, she soon runs out of money … It almost makes her a little harsh, extremely negative and a little painful. but fortunately that does not last ”, adds Natacha Lindinger.

Sam comes to a point in her life when she doesn’t know where she is at all. She goes crazy.

Fred testot

And precisely, who better than Xavier to save Sam? Her loyal ally and ex-lover drags her by force to Saint-Paul-Le-Truchon, the small rural village where Aurélie (Charlotte Gaccio) has settled with Thomas (Alexandre Bierry). If Sam thinks that she is only passing through for a birthday party, her friends have planned everything to make her stay, with a job as a French teacher as a result. Exit the modern college of Franconville, place at the school without contract where the students parade in row and in uniform.

“A 360 ° turn”

“This season really renews the series because it takes place in the countryside, in another school with other teaching methods. She shoves Sam, ”analyzes her interpreter. A loss of reference points shared by his partner on the screen which evokes a “360 ° turn”. “The fact that the story takes us to the countryside completely redistributes the cards. It’s a great find from the authors because we manage to renew the series and it’s off for a round. I think people will really like it like us because they need ventilation and openness in the series, ”says Fred Testot.

“As an actor, we were delighted because we had something else to play again. It is often the concern when you are in a recurring series: it is to tell yourself that at a given moment, you put on your slippers and you do a little the same thing every year. Everyone is happy and then you end up getting bored. There, it made it possible to recreate different relationships and to have scenes to play that do not resemble those of the previous seasons. I felt like I was going on Sam but to make almost a new series ”, adds Natacha Lindinger.

Thierry Neuvic catches Sam’s eye

The full of novelties is therefore assured, but what about the characters who made the success of the series? Aurélie will obviously be there for this season 6 since it is she who welcomes Sam to his home and to his new job.

It was also impossible for Sam to do without Xavier. “With Fred Testot, it’s always a pleasure. I adore these two together: they are so incompatible and attached, it’s very enjoyable, ”says Natacha Lindinger.

If Sam usually relies on him a lot, Xavier will also undergo his share of upheavals for this season 6. “The advantage is that we already know the base but the main characters will be completely upset. It’s a chance when you have a character that you have interpreted for years, to make it evolve and make it go through other emotions and sensations. It’s great for me and I think that it will interest the spectators because they will rediscover Xavier, ”concludes the actor, being careful not to reveal too much.

But who says new college, obviously also says new colleagues. Felicia (Barbara Cabrita) the math teacher does not leave Xavier indifferent while her childhood friend and mayor of the village, Laurent (Thierry Neuvic), catches Sam’s eye.

We will almost forget the essential: Sam is there to teach and new pupils with their own problems, rurality in mind, are also waiting for him for this new season in the countryside.

Chantal Ladesou, a rival?

The French teacher will have to do especially with Anne-Marie, the director of the college of Saint-Paul-Le-Truchon. “They are the opposite but all the same have one thing in common: they love their job”, analyzes the person who embodies it, Chantal Ladesou.

To encamp this “very traditional” headmistress, she was inspired by her “good chic, good kind” side and her own education in a boarding house in Paris at the age of 16. “I approached this role with all this background. Discipline, I find that not bad. It helped me, ”says the actress.

Obviously, this meeting will give rise to confrontations on the screen but behind the camera, Natacha Lindinger does not hide her admiration. “Chantal managed to make an extremely rock character out of it when we could expect something else, as it was written. I think she takes the series elsewhere, and it’s very enjoyable. I love this woman. I didn’t know her and I was delighted to meet her, to tour with her. It’s love at first sight, ”she concludes with enthusiasm.

Will the public be as enthralled? Response tonight after the broadcast of the first two episodes.

Sam, produced by Philippe Lefebvre, from Monday January 3 at 9:05 p.m. on TF1

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