Sunday, January 16

Union or natural selection: January will be decisive on the left

On the left, the only political family whose cast remains uncertain within 100 days of the first round of the presidential election, the next few weeks will be decisive, between efforts for union and skimming of candidates.

January 2022 has often been cited by left-wing officials as the deadline for all ambitions. Namely: everyone is free to apply. But at the end of the month, there will only be one or two left.

For this, a Darwinian selection will have to take place. Because for the moment there remain five main candidates on the left, to which must be added the former Minister of Justice Christiane Taubira, who “plans” to run in mid-January.

She and the socialist Anne Hidalgo plead for a primary which would lead to a single candidacy, at least in the space of “social-ecology”.

“The month of January is the month of the left as that of November was that of the right”, before the vote of the LR congress in early December, predicts Mathilde Imer, one of the leaders of the “Popular Primary” .

This citizen collective had seen the status quo coming for a long time on the left where no candidate competes in the polls with the rights and Emmanuel Macron. He is organizing a “popular investiture” from January 27 to 30, which will take place with or without the consent of the candidates, with the support of hundreds of thousands (currently over 300,000) registered.

“We can see the uncertainty that exists between candidates who look at each other. However, the rally has already taken place among citizens,” says Mathilde Imer.

January is also the shooting window chosen by Christiane Taubira, who relies on her prestige with a part of the left. “The primary is only one of the options, there must be the conditions”, slips to AFP a member of his entourage.

“It was expected but also feared by the other candidates”, underlines Guillaume Lacroix, president of the PRG and support of Ms. Taubira, who assures him: “The exchanges are going well”.

– The “bad player” –

Not with environmentalists anyway, who think it’s too late. “We do not wake up 100 days before the election,” shouts Delphine Batho, coordinator of spokespersons for Yannick Jadot. “Our strategy is ecology, ecology, ecology”, she says, inflexible. The outstretched hands of Ms. Taubira and Ms. Hidalgo? “We are not here to solve the problems of the socialists”.

François Lamy, ex-socialist minister who passed in the autumn adviser to Yannick Jadot, tackles a “candidacy of Taubira which adds a little more confusion. No need to wait until mid-January to know that she will not put anyone in. OK”.

The rebellious candidate Jean-Luc Mélenchon, in the lead on the left but without killing the match in the polls, is of the same opinion: “It would not be serious to say + we start all over again within 100 days +”, has t he railed on Monday.

“Taubira will not manage to create a dynamic, it is not the oratory which makes the election but the content”, bet the former spokesperson for the ecologist Sandrine Rousseau, Thomas Portes, however “not unfavorable to the union but two years ago “, and now a member of the Insoumis campaign.

In the entourage of Anne Hidalgo, as among the candidates riveted around the 2%, Fabien Roussel (PCF) and Arnaud Montebourg (“Remontada”), they pretend to rule out any renunciation.

The mayor of Nantes Johanna Rolland, campaign director of the Socialist, notes that “what can make things happen (…) is that Yannick Jadot can say + yes the left and the ecologists participate in a primary +” .

A supporter of the union also blows in private that the key is the environmental candidate, whose campaign is struggling to take off: “The one who suffers from calls for union and passes for the bad player is Jadot. But the day when he steps aside, it’s Mélenchon’s turn. The trap can close on him and he has understood it very well, that’s why he’s typing. “

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