Tuesday, January 25

Unusual. They borrowed cars from a dealership the night before they returned, with full

They occupied their night in an original way … but above all forbidden! Two young adults and a minor were recently placed in police custody in Agen, in Lot-et-Garonne, report La Dépêche du Midi : They are accused of having borrowed cars for several weeks in a local car dealership.

Range Rover, Porsche … But how did they manage to get hold of it? The three young people aged 17 to 21 took advantage, according to them, of a rather “flexible” safety device after the closing, in the evening, of the dealership, to take control of high-end cars.

The evening motorists then took the road to Toulouse and Bordeaux, indicate our colleagues.

They cleaned them before parking them in the same place

“Nice” thieves for an evening: before returning the cars at dawn, the young people refueled, cleaned the vehicles, before parking them in the same place. Then, seized with doubt after several weeks, the people in charge of the concession carried out their own investigation. Easy, in the age of social networks …

The youngest, a minor and without a driver’s license, was arrested on the Sunday before Christmas. He must have told the police about his favorite hobby.

The other two accomplices, adults, will have to explain themselves to justice in the spring.


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