Tuesday, January 18

Why did the mad cow disease not come to Norway?

Hurray! Farmer Nils Oddvar Valle in Onsøy can celebrate with his wife Grete and children Karine, Henrik and Jeanette. His Hereford bulls, however, were not infected with mad cow disease. The picture is from 2000.

In March 1996, the bomb went off: Madness! There was almost panic among both politicians and professionals. An entire world was shaken.

AFTENPOSTEN HISTORY: 10 people had a new variant of the ever-deadly brain disease Creutzfeldt-Jacobs. The British Minister of Health said that mad cow infection was most likely the cause.

Could the same thing happen in Norway?

In the peak year 1992, mad cow disease was registered in approx. 37,000 animals. The incubation period, which was stated to be up to 30 years, made the prospects particularly bleak.

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