Friday, January 21

Why Marie-Sophie Lacarrau will not host the 13h of TF1 today?

For viewers who were delighted to find her at the head of the 13h of TF1, it will be necessary to wait a little longer before witnessing the return of Marie-Sophie Lacarrau to the air due to a health problem.

Contrary to her absence last April, after she tested positive for Covid-19, Marie-Sophie Lacarrau revealed on Twitter that it is because of an “ophthalmic problem” that she will not be able to ensure the ‘TF1 1 p.m. animation on Monday January 3. She took the opportunity to send her wishes to TF1 viewers.

It is therefore Jacques Legros, who took over from the journalist during the Christmas holidays, who will play extra time while waiting for the return of Marie-Sophie Lacarrau who is celebrating, in this month of January, her first birthday at the presentation from 13h of TF1. It was in fact on January 4 that the journalist had officially took over from Jean-Pierre Pernaut.

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