Sunday, January 16

Why Marseille is one of the least vaccinated cities in France

While France is a good student in terms of vaccination on a global scale, Marseille is a bad one on a national scale.

If 77% of the French population was vaccinated with two doses on December 20, this rate was not reached “in any village or city” of Bouches-du-Rhône “, assured Professor Rémi Charrel, referent for vaccination at the AP-HM, the Marseille public hospital.

The situation was even worse in Marseille, where barely 60% of the population had had two doses at the end of December.

There is also a disparity between the arrondissements of Marseille. Indeed, if 46.5% of the inhabitants of the 15th arrondissement, a district with one of the highest poverty rates in France, have received two doses of vaccine, they are 71.5% in the rich 8th arrondissement.

A loss of confidence

This vaccine gap could be explained in particular by “a gap in public transport service”, underlined Michèle Rubirola, first deputy to the mayor of Marseille in charge of public health in France 3.

According to the latter, some inhabitants of Marseille could also have lost “confidence in the public authorities” and would even feel “abandoned”.

Faced with this feeling of abandonment, especially in the northern districts of Marseille, associations are informing residents, who sometimes lack medical assistance around their homes.

A call from Marseille doctors

To make up for this vaccination delay, more than 500 doctors from the AP-HM launched, this Sunday, January 2, a call for vaccination in the newspaper La Provence.

“When you are sick, when your children, your parents need us, you know how to find us, 24 hours a day, every day of the year. In our turn, we are counting on you, ”pleaded the doctors.

Health professionals have even made a point of recalling that among the patients present in their intensive care units, “90% of cases” were not vaccinated.

To “accommodate the unvaccinated Covid patients who are currently flocking”, the doctors were forced “to stop almost all the surgery that was not urgent”.

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