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Almost halved absenteeism among teachers in the Oslo school until the start of school

1430 school employees reported absence until the start of school after the mass testing in the Oslo school. It is not known how much of the absence is due to coronary heart disease.

The staffing situation is still demanding in the Oslo school, says director of the Education Agency Marte Gerhardsen.

There has been tension related to the absence figures on Tuesday, after all students and teachers in the Oslo school was asked to test for coronary heart disease before starting school today.

Figures from the Education Agency show that a total of 551 teachers had reported absence on Tuesday. There is almost a halving of sickness absence among teachers compared to before Christmas. On December 10, 1070 of the teachers had reported absence.

In addition, absences were reported on Tuesday for 320 school assistants, 321 AKS assistants, 65 administrative employees, 73 managers and 83 others. A total of 1430 school employees were away from work on Tuesday, compared to 2439 employees on 10 December. A total of 157 out of 181 schools responded to the survey.

It is not known whether the absence is due to coronary heart disease or other causes.

– Still demanding

“This reporting shows that the staffing situation in general in the Oslo school is better now than it was before Christmas. But the situation is still demanding, and there are large variations between schools. The director of the Education Agency, Marte Gerhardsen, writes in an e-mail to Aftenposten.

For the start of school, a controversial scheme was also introduced where school and kindergarten employees are exempt from job quarantine if they have been in close contact. This means that teachers who have been in close contact with an infected person can test themselves back at work. In their free time, teachers must still be quarantined, which has created a lot of anger and frustration among the teaching staff. The Education Association believes that trust in the authorities is at stake.

The government introduced the exemption following advice from the National Institute of Public Health (NIPH) to avoid closing schools and kindergartens.

Gerhardsen says it is too early to say how this exception has affected the staffing situation.

“The schools must have been up and running for a few days before we can say anything about it,” she writes in an SMS.

Expect contagion jumps

Figures for student absence will not be clear until Wednesday.

Health councilor Robert Steen (Labor Party) tells NTB that he expects a contagion after the mass testing in schools and kindergartens last day:

– We can not hand out tens of thousands of tests in the belief that it will not have any effect, says the health council.

He says the infection rates will probably also increase because people return to everyday life after the Christmas holidays.

More than 10,000 kindergarten employees and teaching staff have been infected with corona in the pandemic, according to NTB.

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