Friday, January 28

C to you: Vincent Dedienne slips on the death of the Bogdanov brothers (VIDEO)

Guest of the show C à vous on France 5, this Monday, January 3, Vincent Dedienne let himself go in a joke on the death of the Bogdanov brothers. And it is not at all past.

The comedian had come to present his new show, Un soir de gala, which he is about to play on the stage of the Théâtre Marigny.

While Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine provides details on how spectators can get tickets, and Carla Bruni Sarkozy, also present on the set, has just mentioned the last minute cancellations during her concerts due to of the health crisis, Vincent Dedienne tried a touch of humor on the possibility of seeing places become free by citing the death of Igor (who died the same day) and Grichka Bogdanov. “Well yes because, for example, there are Bogdanovs who … who die”, he blurted out, before understanding, to the silent reaction of the people around him, his regrettable error.

It is Carla Bruni Sarkozy who rushed to his aid, breaking the icy silence that this sentence threw on the set with the continuation of the conversation. “There is a small 10% who, every evening, does not come”, she specifies. The glance exchanged by Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine and Patrick Cohen does not deceive. They know, at this precise moment, that the comedian has slipped.

On social networks, Vincent Dedienne has been criticized by many Internet users. Starting with Cyril Hanouna, who expressed his anger to his millions of subscribers.

As a reminder, Igor Bogdanov died on Monday January 3 as a result of Covid-19, just six days after his brother, Grichka.

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