Monday, January 24

CES 2022: an application for learning languages ​​under hypnosis

French Tech is still present this year at CES in Las Vegas. And the new technologies show notably highlights the French Hypnoledge application, which allows you to learn a foreign language under hypnosis.

Scheduled to be launched during the first quarter of the year, this solution is based on distance courses that allow you to learn Italian, English, Mandarin, Spanish and German by engaging in several educational hypnosis sessions from his sofa.

This is what the Bordeaux start-up promises Hypnoledge which gave its name to this platform, the web version of which, launched in 2018, has already been requested by 120,000 Internet users, she says.

Present at the American show, this young company brings together hypnotherapists, linguists and a psychologist by focusing on this form of learning. According to her, the state of hypnosis would facilitate “concentration, attention and memorization”. Above all, it would make it possible to “unconsciously integrate information and make language automatisms more fluid without going through translation into their mother tongue”, while “freeing the learner from their blockages and their fears”, Hypnoledge suggests.

Thirty-minute lessons

Concretely, the learner must first choose his language and the theme of the course (reduce stress, gain confidence …). A hypnotherapist will then accompany him in a phase of hypnosis. A lesson lasts about thirty minutes. During this phase, the brain will be called upon to retain vocabulary, but also to feel comfortable with its use. Exercises will then be accessible directly on the application in order to put into practice the language elements retained during the hypnosis phase.

However, these courses are not free, with different subscription formulas available for all ages. A simple subscription at 9.90 euros per month, allows access to all the courses for an individual, specifies Hypnoledge.

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