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Diego Maradona: most of the lots sold at the auction to pay off his debts

The international auction of goods belonging to Diego Maradona, which had been extended until December 31, ended with most of the lots sold, with the exception of a house and a car.

Nearly 90 lots were offered on December 19 during a first day of online auction, with goods as diverse as caps, sports shoes, swimsuits, a cigar humidor, televisions, photos, a painting, two cars, an apartment and a house, for bets ranging from 50 to 900,000 dollars (44 to 800,000 euros).

But the sale, organized by the Adrian Mercado Subastas group and intended to pay off the costs and debts after his death, in agreement with the heirs of the 1986 World Cup winner in Mexico, had aroused only very relative interest, generating only about $ 26,000 (23,000 euros), according to an AFP count. Lots with an aggregate value of $ 1.42 million (EUR 1.26 million) had gone unpaid, including the 700 m2 property of Villa Devoto, which had a base price of $ 900,000. It was then decided to extend the deadline for submitting offers until December 31, 2021.

A waiting BMW

After the extension, “we received proposals for everything from LCD TVs to gyms to treadmills, whatever had been left vacant,” Mercado explained.

Among the more expensive goods, a 2016 BMW was sold, with a floor price of 165,000 dollars (146,000 euros)

The other BMW, dating from 2017 and valued at $ 225,000 (199,000 euros), was left vacant, but Mercado was hoping to receive an offer in the coming days.

“We believe that this car will also be placed probably this week, so there will only be the house” of 700 m2 with swimming pool, which Maradona, who died on November 25, 2020, had bought in the 1980s from her parents and where they lived over 30 years, in the residential area of ​​Villa Devoto in Buenos Aires, according to Mercado.

In addition, the sale of an apartment of 45 m2 in the seaside resort of Mar del Plata, 400 km to the south, estimated at 65,000 dollars, “is a matter almost settled” according to the organizer.

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