Wednesday, January 26

Doubs. A reservist police officer kills himself at the Besançon police station

A 61-year-old reservist policeman committed suicide for an undetermined reason on Tuesday in the premises of the Besançon police station, report our colleagues from Eastern Republican.

This retired bisontin police officer, who was on duty at the police station, was discovered dead in the premises of the police station by colleagues in the early afternoon. “He would have ended his days with his service weapon,” the Departmental Director of Public Security of Doubs, Yves Cellier, told AFP.

“The local police community is in shock,” he added, adding that a psychological support unit had been set up “for all those who wish”.

An open investigation

An investigation for “search for the causes of death” has been opened. The investigations were entrusted to the General Inspectorate of the National Police (IGPN) to “determine the terms and reasons for taking action”, according to Yves Cellier.

The 61-year-old man, married with two daughters, had completed his career as a police major and brigade commander. He had joined the 36 reservist police officers of the Besançon police station quickly after his retirement in 2016. No police officer or reservist police officer had killed himself in the premises of the Besançon police station before.

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