Wednesday, January 26

EDUCATION: “Théâtre en Herbe” at Trott Simeone kindergarten – Faxinfo

The project is new and Martine Magnier, principal of the Trott Simeone school at Concordia, has decided to take up the challenge.

It is by responding to a call for projects launched last April that Martine marked the start of the “Théâtre en Herbe” adventure, with the aim of enabling a class from the upper section to discover the power and benefits of theater, while assisting first to a show and then for the children to take private lessons with the actress Gerogina Cornely at their school in order to set up and produce a show themselves. Seventy five-year-old children went to the Théâtre de la Chapelle to see “Bernard, the hermit who did not want a shell”, a children’s play which recently met with unanimous success, thanks to the message delivered and the performance of the actors. The Collectivity provided transport by providing buses. For most of the little ones present, it was the first time that they had sat in a theater, the eyes were illuminated and the impatience to discover the play interpreted by the Company Les Apatrides and directed by Audrey Duputié was felt. . This show being participatory, the children did not fail to express themselves throughout, the cries and the laughter echoed in the room, but always in the right measure and the respect for the actors. In the continuity of this discovery event, an artistic project funded by the Academic Delegation for Artistic Education and Cultural Action of Guadeloupe (DAAC) will be set up at the start of the January school year in Claire Creusot’s class. Fifteen children will follow, at a rate of 20 hours spread over several weeks, an introduction to theater and play with Georgina Cornely, whose talent is well established. The actress will guide the children and their teacher in creating a play that toddlers will perform themselves in front of their families next May. Martine Magnier’s desire is to rely on the arts and culture, especially in priority education networks, so that the teaching staff, the children and their parents realize to what extent the theater can be beneficial and revealing for the youth, for among other things language and self-esteem. The power of interpretation will now be installed at Trott Simeone kindergarten, and it is already a sure bet. _Vx

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