Sunday, January 16

Epstein case. Prince Andrew accused of sexual assault: his lawyers ask to dismiss the complaint

Prince Andrew will he escape justice? Lawyers for the British monarch on Tuesday urged an American judge to dismiss a civil complaint for “sexual assault” that an American filed in New York for facts dating back to 2001 when she was a minor.

The prince’s defenders rely on a compensation and exemption agreement signed in 2009 between this American woman, Virginia Giuffre, and the sexual predator who died in 2019 Jeffrey Epstein, to argue that this regulation “protects” also others “ potential accused ”in the entourage of Mr. Epstein, including his friend Prince Andrew.

Virginia Giuffre “gave up her rights to file a complaint against them when she signed the 2009 agreement and took money from Mr. Epstein,” lawyer Andrew Brettler pleaded in a teleconference hearing in Manhattan Federal Court.

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