Friday, January 21

Everyday life. Prices for banking services will increase this year

Manufactured products, food, services … the rise in prices is visible everywhere. The consumer price index has also increased by 2.8% over one year in December, or as much as in November, reported last week Insee.

Inflation had not yet affected bank rates. This should no longer be the case for this year 2022, warned the association Consumption Housing Framework of Life (CLCV) on Tuesday. CLCV’s finding is based on a study of the rates that will be in effect on February 1, 2022 in 127 banks in mainland France and overseas, for three consumer profiles – small, medium or large – depending on the number of services. used.

An increase of more than 2.5%

“The average cost of our basket in metropolitan France (…) is up more than 2.5%” on two of the three consumer profiles studied, explain the authors of this comparison published each year by CLCV. In 2022, it will be 68.14 euros per year (+ 2.58%) for a consumer with limited services and 149.32 euros (+ 2.70%) for an account used by two holders with a number of slightly higher service.

The consumer association points out in particular the increase in card costs, including those with immediate debit (+ 1.3%), account maintenance fees (+ 2.4%) and withdrawals from distributors due to the ‘reduction by certain establishments in the number of free withdrawals outside their networks. However, distributors are becoming rarer, according to a report from the Banque de France published last July on the number of distributors and cash access points in France in 2020.

The increase is less significant (+ 0.27% to 209.94 euros) for the “heavy consumer” profile, two holders with a large number of services including for example a Gold or Visa Premier card and an international debit payment card deferred.

Play the competition

The association also highlights “real billing differences for the same basket” and invites consumers to be vigilant and to play the competition, advice already given last year.

It also questions the advantage of “packages”, these bundled offers at a fixed price, in comparison to banking services paid by card. “For those who use few services, bundled offers are very rarely interesting”, notes Sandrine Perrois, in charge of the study.

According to her, pre-constituted offers are making a strong comeback in agencies with fewer possibilities for personalization via modules and options. “It is a point of attention for consumers,” she continues.

A color code to identify price increases

The association also pleads for free incident costs (intervention commissions, flat rates for a check or debit rejected for lack of funds, etc.) for the most vulnerable customers.

“Good practices in terms of legibility of information and transparency deserve to be highlighted”, however specifies the study, such as “the adoption of signage in brochures making it possible to identify the tariffs which are regulated or price changes ”, via a color code.

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