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Ferrari equates Leclerc and Sainz: – Can again be a top team

Ferrari has decided to equate Charles Leclerc (24) and Carlos Sainz (27) in the 2022 season. Experts believe that the legendary car factory can return to the top.

DUO: Carlos Sainz (left) and Charles Leclerc photographed during the USA Grand Prix 2021.

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Ferrari came in 3rd place and became “best of the rest” in the 2021 season – behind the two superb Red Bull and Mercedes.

Now many in the motorsport community are talking about Ferrari may have worked better with the new 2022 car – with completely new rules for the cars – than what Red Bull and Mercedes had time for in their intense battle for the World Cup title for both drivers and designers.

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When Red Bull boss Christian Horner is asked if they may have been too preoccupied with the 2021 season and have not prepared well enough for the new rules, he replies according to

– If Ferrari shows up with the fastest car and crushes us at the start of the 2022 season, then you can say that it is probably because of our work with the 2022 car.

– But we all know about the big changes until 2022, and I think we have used the resources correctly.

Ferrari’s sporting director Laurent Mekies, on the other hand, is confident:

– We have been very clear from early on that we have planned 2022 development. We’ve been on it all along. The battle with McLaren for 3rd place in the World Cup has not been affected by it.

– The only development we had in the second half of 2021 was the hybrid – which is something we will use next year, says the sports director according to

There were high expectations for Charles Leclerc in 2021 – not least after his strong 2019 season with 4th place in the World Cup and two victories. But newcomer Ferrari Carlos Sainz was two places better than Leclerc in the 2021 World Cup.

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Team manager Mattia Binotto is now aware that Sainz and Leclerc will start on equal footing in 2022 according to Motorsport:

– It is always the team that is prioritized, no doubt. We will not have a first or second leader. We will discuss it based on how they are on the field.

Viaplay commentator Atle Gulbrandsen thinks it makes sense to equate Leclerc and Sainz:

– I think it is wise when it turned out in 2021 that Sainz was perhaps stronger than Leclerc. Ferrari probably had not thought so in advance. Sainz was one of the 2021 season’s big positive surprises, says Gulbrandsen to VG.

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– There are many rumors that Ferrari is doing well with the new cars for 2022, and that they should have found something extra considering that next year will be run with 10 percent ethanol in the fuel. If the rumors are true, Ferrari can once again become a top team, the Formula 1 commentator continues.

He calls Ferrari a “joker” behind Red Bull and Mercedes.

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