Tuesday, January 18

Infected or not? Intense excitement before school starts.

Principals in the Oslo school think that most people test themselves before school starts. On a national basis, the call included up to 1 million people.

Isabella Talledo Aalmo (8) is following with excitement while mum Vanessa Talledo performs the home test before the first day of school in 2022.

In the middle of lunch early Tuesday morning, mum Vanessa Talledo pulls out the quick tests. Tired children who have turned the clock around during the Christmas holidays are going to Godlia school in Oslo on the first day of school. But first it must be tested for corona with home test.

Isabella Talledo Aalmo (8) hands one piece of the polar bread with butter before mum sticks the test stick up her nose. With a knowledgeable hand, she spins it around her nostrils. It has started to become a routine for mom. She works in kindergarten and has tested herself regularly.

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