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Klæbo about flight: – The biggest risk now

ALPE CERMIS (VG) Tour de Ski winner Johannes Høsflot Klæbo (25) sees the flight home to Norway as the biggest risk of infection now – but still believes he has no choice before the Olympics.

TOUR DE FORCE: Johannes Høsflot Klæbo won the Tour de Ski by a little more than two minutes.

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– I have to be very careful and be a lot to myself in the future, says Klæbo about what precautions he should take while he is in Norway.

– How do you think it’s to get on a plane tomorrow?

– It is the biggest risk now. Then you can discuss whether it is justifiable or not, but I have to go home now for the Olympics. I can not be on tour for three months in a row. I have to unpack the bag and turn around. I just have to be extra careful when we travel.

– Do you feel a little nervous when you travel?

– I think I’m pretty calm. That’s the way it is now, and I can do no more than be incredibly careful, he replies Tour de Ski winners – which in any case has all the prerequisites to arrive at the right time:

– Do you have any thoughts that it is right or not to arrange the Olympics and races now?

– I have not thought about it. I’ve just decided that if it’s going to be the Olympics, I’ll be as well prepared as possible.

A few hours after Klæbo received the national anthem and the Tour de Ski trophy, came the news that the World Cup weekend in French Les Rousses 14-16. January is canceled. The reason is increasing omicron infection.

Pål Golberg tells NRK that it is a horror-mixed joy with the trip to the China Olympics, which he gets a ticket to after all the sun marks.

The omicron variant of the coronavirus is becoming more and more dominant, and infection rates have increased in the last month. Under Tour de Ski became NRK’s ​​team affected by infection.

There is one month left until the Olympics, and most Norwegian athletes will go home, before a new height gathering later in January and the World Cup in France 14-16. February.

A quarantine and isolation will be very unfortunate with the preparations for the Olympics, which start on February 4.

Cross-country manager Espen Bjervig believes the heaviest thing is to limit close contacts to avoid quarantine and isolation.

– When we took the test in Oberstdorf, we were relieved when everyone was negative. We notice that it creeps around us and is close everywhere. We just have to follow the advice, we can not do more, says Bjervig and continues:

– The worst thing is to limit close contacts for the athletes. Now we have been traveling for several weeks, so we are going on a short trip home before another trip. What is painful is that we can not meet close when we are at home.

He says they feel quite safe when traveling. Then they live in bubble and very isolated. In Oberstdorf they had their own hotel, while they were almost at peace also in Lenzerheide.

The guide has informed the practitioners about the consequences of becoming close contacts or ending up in isolation in different parts of the world. The Beijing Olympics risk three weeks in isolation due to infection.

Sjur Røthe experiences security when traveling.

– I think we do what we can to stay healthy. Basically, I try my best to think normally about covid, but I try to stay away from people. But it’s a little more boring now after the Tour de Ski than usual. I would like to meet some friends outside the ski environment now, says Røthe.

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