Sunday, January 16

Live. Covid-19: surprise suspension of the examination of the bill on the vaccine pass at the National Assembly

5:50 am: The debate on the vaccine pass interrupted at the National Assembly

The deputies began Monday, in a stormy atmosphere, the examination of the bill transforming the health pass into a vaccination pass. At the National Assembly, Olivier Véran underlined the “dizzying” figures of contaminations linked to the Omicron variant, a “tidal wave”. He called on parliamentarians to vote for a text of “cold blood and responsibility”.

But the examination of the bill was the subject of a surprise suspension on Monday evening, a majority of deputies having voted by show of hands against the continuation of the debates after midnight.

This twist will derail the timetable for the final adoption of the text by parliament. The text was expected in the Senate on Wednesday in committee and Thursday in session.

5:47 am: An average of 167,000 daily contaminations

The virulence of the fifth wave is confirmed with, over seven days, a daily average of more than 167,000 people testing positive. There were, still on a daily average over seven days, just over 72,000 last Monday. On Monday, 67,481 new cases were recorded, according to figures from SpF.

The positivity rate (over the last seven days consolidated on D-3), which measures the proportion of positive results over that of the number of people tested, is stable at 15.8%. It was 8.2% last Monday.

5:46 am: The pressure is growing more and more on the hospital

According to figures from Public Health France, hospitals continued to receive an increasing number of patients on Monday, with 19,606 hospitalized patients on Monday (against 19,043 on Sunday) and 2,160 new admissions in 24 hours. The increase over seven days, which smooths the threshold effects, was confirmed with 9,323 hospitalizations in one week, against 7,413 last Monday.

This increase is also marked for critical care services, which receive the most severe forms of the disease. The intensive care units treated 3,654 patients on Monday, with 352 admissions in 24 hours. Over seven days, they received 1,817, against 1,747 last Monday. By way of comparison, if the number of patients treated in critical sounds (3,654) remains far from the peak of the first wave (more than 7,000, in 2020) or that of the third (6,001, in 2021), it risk of becoming familiar in the short term to that of the second wave (4,903, in 2020).

In 24 hours, hospitals also recorded 272 deaths, the highest figure since the start of the fifth wave of Covid in October. In total, the disease has killed 124,212 people.

5:45 am: Hello everyone and welcome to this live stream dedicated to the news of the Covid-19 pandemic in France and around the world.

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