Monday, January 17

Perpignan: two police officers arrest three fake police officers

Two Perpignan police officers recently arrested three young people who were posing as law enforcement.

The facts took place on the night of Saturday to last Sunday, relate in particular The independent and the police news site Actu17.

While they were off duty, two police officers spot a suspicious traffic check. As they drove by, they did not recognize the officers in place.

The latter, three individuals, were equipped with “police” armbands and bullet-proof vests. What alerted the two real police officers was that one of the men possessed a weapon which did not correspond to the one normally used.

Likewise, traffic checks in the middle of the night are very rare, which has continued to cause trouble. When in doubt, the police turned around and quickly realized the deception.

THEY Scammed Motorists

On the spot, after the three young people first shouted “Move around, there’s nothing to see!”, The agents alerted the Perpignan police station. The weapon they were using was in fact a dummy weapon. The three individuals were taken into custody.

“These devices of false quality are often used to commit thefts,” recalled a police officer from the Paris region to News 17.

The implementation of this traffic control was in fact a hoax to rip off motorists. “The perpetrators take the opportunity to steal property from the car or even the vehicle of their victim. It is also sometimes a question of forcing victims to immediately pay false tickets in cash, ”said the Paris police officer.

This technique was also used in April 2021, in the Oise. Indeed, two men had pretended to be two police officers and had stopped a motorist, who turned out to be a police commissioner.

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