Tuesday, January 25

Released 204 album classics in one year: – World record, says Christer Falck

– Releasing 204 records in the course of a calendar year is undoubtedly a world record, regardless of series, it sounds from Christer Falck.

– There are many who want to have their favorite album realized, and I note each record neatly in an excel form, Christer Falck told NTB a week after last year’s start.

And the record is Falck himself who sets in collaboration with John Richard Stenberg, described as a music enthusiast, and the award-winning music journalist Arvid Skancke-Knutsen.

– When we wrote 2022, we passed 204 CD releases in the course of one year, says Falck about the series called Norwegian album classics, which was launched on 11 January 2021.

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